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Locked doors and locks? Here is how much it costs to call the blacksmith

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Staying out of doors after losing or forgetting the keys is a rather common and annoying experience. But what to do when you do not have a backup deck handy? There are two possible solutions: request the intervention of firefighters to force a window and return to the house from a balcony, paying the costs for the inevitable damage to windows and doors, or rely on a specialized locksmith in the opening of doors without breaking . The second option is certainly the least precipitous and the cheapest, especially when dealing with an armored door closed inadvertently or a locked lock. In these cases, the cost of the service depends substantially on the complexity and duration of the intervention, from the day and time when the emergency intervention is required and from the distance the locksmith must travel to reach the destination.

Locksmith’s intervention: how do you find the right price?

The cost of the call can vary significantly from city to city, especially when there is an urgent need to return home in less than an hour. This is how, for example, the SOS locksmith service , a real emergency line with guaranteed availability 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. There are many professionals specialized in this type of interventions, but it is not always easy to find your way around the different prices available on the web. A useful advice is to address, as far as possible, to trusted people recommended by friends and relatives, wary of promotions at bargain prices and exaggerated discounts. Before requesting the exit of a  locksmith in emergency service for the opening of a locked lock, it is also important to ensure that the agreed fare includes at least the first hour of labor, the right of exit and VAT.

Opening an armored door without a break in the door: how much does it cost?

The first rule to avoid rip-offs and nasty surprises is to choose transparency. Knowing any additional costs before the locksmith’s intervention is essential for not finding yourself paying inflated bills and unsolicited services. In the big cities like Milan, Rome, Naples and Turin, the average cost of a call to unlock a security door is around 100 euros . While the rates for the opening without security breach of security cylinder locks, double map or European cylinder range from 120 to 200 eurosdepending on the models. At these prices, however, you must add the costs related to the possible replacement of the lock, in case of permanent damage, and the accessory costs for calls on holidays , weekends and night-time (about 30-50 euros more).

Unlocking safe and opening locks for eviction

A locksmith expert in unlocking doors and locks can be of great help even in more complex and delicate situations, such as the eviction of a tenant under the supervision of a bailiff or the opening of a safe in case of loss of the combination . These are obviously very specific interventions with a higher cost than standard services: on average 150-200 euros for an eviction and up to 250-300 euros to force a safe.

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