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You might be a little confused on how to program your GM key for Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac or any general key. The programming of any of these car key is very easy. The process is not stringent. You can program it yourself if you know how. After making detailed research, I will like to explain the various ways which can be used to program your GM key.
If you have 1 working key at least, all you need to do is
• Insert the original key of the car and switch the car on.
• Endeavor to wait for 5 seconds. If they don’t work, you can persevere a little till the security light of the car goes off.
• During the 10 second period, you can peacefully insert the new key and switch on the car.
• After waiting, it is important to wait for an extra 5 seconds for the security light to go off.
• This is the procedures that must be followed. Note that when this is successfully done, your key is now programmed.
But if all keys are lost, then it is important to perform the needed which is what we call the 10×10×10 procedure
• Try inserting the new key and turn on. Turning on should only stop at the indicator point. The engine should not be turned on. Make sure that you do not start your car.
• Wait patiently for 10 seconds until the security light turns off.
• When the security light turns off, you can instantly turn the key off
• You can turn the key back to on but avoid starting the car
• Exercise patient for another 10 minutes until the security light is turned off.
• Turn the key off again
• Turn the car key to on for the 3rd time.
• Exercise the patient for another 10 minutes. Make sure the security lights are turned off.
• Turn the key off again
• The key is automatically programmed, and you can now start your vehicle.
• It is advisable to make extra copies by following the above instructions highlighted for the 1 working key.


Making a new key for Buick may take money and time. It is very possible to program your Buick key. This process comprises of the phases which include
1. Cutting a new key
This explains the fact that you have to cut a blank key. The key must match the ignition so as to be able to switch in the car. Endeavor to get the proof of ownership and the VIN number of the car.
2. Follow the above procedures when starting the car. Turn the car light off and avoid starting the car until the procedures are followed strictly. It takes about 3 turns, and they must all be followed.


The early Cadillac car models were programmed with an anti-theft system so as to detect theft. They have a transmitter key that can only be programmed by the owner as soon as a new key is cut.
Switch the key to the position and switch it back off. Make sure that this same process is followed strictly and must be repeated thrice. You can locate a professional locksmith to have your new key cut.


The recent Pontiac cars are also programmed with an anti-theft system. A GM key can be programmed for a Pontiac car.
All that is required is similar to the above listed. The procedures must be followed strictly. It should not be done in less than 3 trials so that it can be completely set.


Ford cars also have a GM key which can be programmed by the owner. The process is the same with others which includes a three-step process. The various process must be strictly followed so as to avoid any future problem.

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