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A Belated Happy Birthday To KCN

Sorry this is quite late; real life and chemistry have been kicking my ass the past couple of weeks. Hopefully normal service, and more actual science, will resume shortly.

From Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2002, 41, 2678

The CP molecules are scary!


Without further ado, here is a roundup of my favourite colouring competition entries. In the end I didn't get that many, despite lots of people telling me this was a great idea. Most of the contributers have already posted their entries on their own blogs, so if you keep up with other chemistry blogs (and you should, because there are some that are much better than this one) you've probably seen these already. So, in chronological order:

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Four Days To Go!

From Chem. Soc. Rev., 2012, DOI: 10.1039/C2CS35116A

Just a quick post to remind you that I need your Colouring Competition entries by the end of Tuesday so I can write some kind of round up post in time for Nicolaou's birthday on Thursday. This weekend would be a good time to spend just 10 or 15 minutes messing around in Photoshop, the GIMP, or at a push, MSPaint. Heck, you can even print them out, colour them in and scan them if you don't have mad image editing skills. Not that it matters; I certainly don't. Give them to your children! If you're short of inspiration you can check out the entries from See Arr Oh and DrFreddy, or look at the latest Nicolaou review above.

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A Birthday Surprise for K. C. Nicolaou

Update 1930, 20-06-12: Just noticed a mistake in my haplophytine structure (cdx, png and jpg) - a mesyl group where there should be an OH. If you've already downloaded/printed this please get the new, corrected version before continuing. Sorry!

Also, check out the first entry, from DrFreddy over at Synthetic Remarks!

Before you hurry to  check JACS, I made this myself. The image, that is.

The ongoing trend towards more colourful graphical abstracts is a perennial topic for discussion around the blogosphere.[1] Rather than draw attention to recent crimes against chemical decency, many of which can be found at TOCROFL, I am today proposing something new.[2] As many will know, the current spate of increasingly lurid abstracts can be traced to one man, American Cypriot and legendary synthetic chemist K. C. Nicolaou. But when did it all start? The cover of Classics in Total Synthesis I, published in 1996, appears to be free of such visual pollution, but it seems that by 2003 when Classics II and his autobiographical Tetrahedron prize essay were published that the inveterate colouring in had begun, and his papers are now rarely seen without it. However, I'm not going to join the online castigation of this questionable new form of art. Far from it. In fact, as it's KCN's birthday in a little over two weeks from today, I propose the WORLD'S FIRST CHEMICAL ABSTRACT COLOURING COMPETITION!

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