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One thing I've been meaning to do for a while is put together a links page for online resources (other than journals or blogs) that might be of interest to postgraduate chemists. I've noticed a few times recently that I'll talk to someone about a particular reaction and then tell them there's a great explanation in Andy Myers' Chem 216 notes, Baran's heterocyclic chemistry handouts or Dave Evans' lectures and they'll just stare at me blankly. Likewise, a number of groups make their group meeting presentations freely available and I've learnt a lot from reading some of these. So, below are sites I've found to be useful, but I'm sure/hoping there are lots of good ones missing so don't be shy and point them out in the comments!


Dave Evans Advanced Organic Chemisty 206

Andy Myers Chem 215

Baran Heterocyclic Chemistry


Lab Technique

Not Voodoo

Al's Notebook



Wikipedia List of Azeotropes

pKa tables - Evans' | Reiche/Bordwell | Williams

Lectka Comprehensive Bond Strength Tables

Reich UW pages (very useful for nomenclature)

Aldrich Interactive Nomograph (don't distill without it!)

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds

Fiz Chemie Acronym Finder



Chemistry by Design

Trauner's 'Denksport'





Group Meeting Presentations/Seminars








Jón Njarðarson's 200 best selling drugs  poster

organic-chemistry.org Named Reactions

List of Organic Chemists US (organic links) | UK (A. Evans)


So, what's missing? When you've all had a chance to make comments and suggestions these'll all be enshrined on their own page for easy access!

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  1. It’s not mechanism/content related, but I’ll throw out my Chemistry Dictionary for Word Processors. Makes the dissertation/manuscript writing more bearable.


  2. Go to MC White’s page at UCIC for spectacular organometallics notes. http://www.scs.illinois.edu/white/index.php?p=lectures

    I don’t know that my resource list belongs in your resource list,
    but I’m going to put your resource list in my resource list. Meta.

  3. I’ve been trying to put together a similar resource list over the last few months, on Mendeley (linked via my name). The focus is on chemical techniques through published papers, but there’s a fair bit of overlap otherwise.

    My picks for this list:

    A nice overview of Baldwin’s Rules: http://euch6f.chem.emory.edu/baldwinsrules.html

    I found the Scheidt group meetings useful: http://chemgroups.northwestern.edu/scheidt/GroupMeeting.htm

    An interactive azeotrope database: http://eweb.chemeng.ed.ac.uk/chemeng/azeotrope_bank.html

  4. A favorite time-saver of mine… Just copy the reference right out of the paper, paste it in here, and it looks it up for you. Works ~80% of the time, but still saves you hours.


  5. I like natural productman, who compiles abstracts of recent syntheses and methodology in the ASAPs. It helps me to not miss any article in journals I don’t read: http://naturalproductman.wordpress.com/

    Also http://www.organic-chemistry.org/ where Douglas Taber has up like 4 post per months about some recent total synthesis and methodology.

  6. mind if I post a few of these links on my blog as well?

  7. A total synthesis/named reactions database : http://www.synarchive.com

    You can make a neat “average yields” table using it 😉

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