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Resource Page and Blogroll: 2012 Update

I've got a few emails lately pointing me in the direction of good resources such as the much discussed How To Chemdraw video and the beautiful new name-reaction.com. I've also just recently become aware of great new(ish) blogs like Not The Lab, Doctor Galactic, The Chemistry Cascade, Chemistry Tips and Techniques, and The Organic Solution. However, I am sure that for every useful resource (blog, tutorial, reference...) that I've read, I've missed many more! Below are the links on my resource page at present, and you can see my blogroll on the right. I've just noticed that the former hasn't been updated in over a year. So, what should I be reading or linking to? Drop me a comment or email (N.B. new address on about page)!

Incidentally, if your bookmark/RSS feed to this site points to my old eristocracy.co.uk domain, you should change it as I'm losing that tomorrow.

Current Resources:


Dave Evans Advanced Organic Chemisty 206

Andy Myers Chem 215

Baran Heterocyclic Chemistry

MC White Organometallics Notes


Lab Technique/Procedures

Not Voodoo

Al's Notebook

Organic Syntheses




Azeotropes: Wikipedia List | Interactive database

pKa tables: Evans' | Reiche/Bordwell | Williams

Lectka Comprehensive Bond Strength Tables

Reich UW pages (very useful for nomenclature)

Aldrich Interactive Nomograph (don't distill without it!)

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds

Fiz Chemie Acronym Finder



Chemistry by Design

Trauner's 'Denksport'





Group Meeting Presentations/Seminars







Leighton (2005-2008 only)



Alex's excellent Chemistry Reference Resolver (how  did I live without this?)

A load of classic syntheses are freely available at Synarchive

Jón Njarðarson's 200 best selling drugs  poster

organic-chemistry.org Named Reactions

List of Organic Chemists US (organic links) | UK (A. Evans) | France (M. Donnard)

Baldwin's Rules at Emory

Useful resources for undergraduate organic chemists (or those teaching) at masterorganicchemistry.com

The chemblog chemistry dictionary for Word (may make your thesis less of a maze of red lines)

Some bits of Organic Reactions are available online for free!


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  1. Here is a working link for the Lectka Comprehensive Bond Strength Tables (Looks like they recently switched around the site).


  2. Thanks for the mention. Check the link for the ChemDictionary, tho, it points to an internal site (just add http to the front of the link)

  3. Wow, name-reaction.com is really nice. Not complete yet (mukaiyama but no standard aldol?), but so pretty.

    And thanks for the mention.

  4. Reich UW pages doesn’t work.

  5. There’s also Mulzer’s Denksport:

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