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Not that it'll be particularly noticeable, but I'm on holiday from tomorrow onwards as I take my mountain bike over to the French alps for an exciting week of trying not to break anything that'll prevent me from working in a lab. In the meantime, please enjoy this extract from our old lab copy of "Purification of Laboratory Chemicals":

The urea can then be coughed up, and then purified as described on page 355. All in a day's work.

Note: It seems that this particular 'remedy' is missing from 2003 and later editions, probably for fear of lawsuits.

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  1. Um… what about the 2 eq HCl? 😀

  2. Wouldn’t the 2HCl just get neutralized by the excess ammonia.

  3. Sure, once the ammonia is done with tearing out your lungs.

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