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Update: I'm an idiot. Link fixed. That's what I get for copying and pasting from an email

I've just been made aware of this awesome project by Jón Njarðarson's group at the University of Arizona. You might already be aware of their excellent poster on the 200 best selling drugs (free to download and print!). Their newest gift to the synthetic community is a website which allows you to browse a number (>200) of inspiring syntheses and then test yourself on them. Aside from the obvious use of this, people without access to the literature at the moment, or people looking for good syntheses to prepare problem sessions on will probably find it a useful resource. The amount of effort that's gone into this is staggering (I certainly don't envy whoever entered all 54 steps of Steve Ley's epic azadirachin synthesis). I'll let Jón explain:

Dear Fellow Organic Chemists,


In a few weeks this project will also be available as a free APP for i-phones and i-pads.

With the help of my students we have added more than 200 total syntheses to the site, representing more than 100 different PI's and covering more than 40 years of publications. We plan to continue to add to the site, but we would like to encourage everyone to submit a synthesis they would like to see featured on our site. Instructions to do so can be found on the website.

Please share this link with everyone. I am convinced your students, post-docs, colleagues and many others will enjoy. This website should be a great supplement to graduate synthetic courses and advanced undergraduate courses.  Make sure to check out the QUIZ mode, which operates like a serial flashcard that allows you to test your synthetic knowledge (you can browse through each sequence in many different ways).

I hope you enjoy.

Best regards,


Tell the (synthetic) world!

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