B.R.S.M. All this happened, more or less.


Twitter, webhosting and domains

A couple of quick, non-chemical things. Firstly, I now have a Twitter account (@BRSM_blog, as @BRSM was taken), so if you're not into RSS or just hitting F5 every ten minutes I'll tweet something when I post things from now on. I promise there will be no non-chemical updates, rants, or boring stuff. Secondly, I'm contemplating moving the blog, and probably getting a more sensible domain sometime in the next few months. The hosting I currently have is pretty basic (no PHP5, which really limits what wordpress plugins I can use) and I'm pretty close to maxing out my meagre monthly bandwidth allowance even with a fairly small number of readers and a simple layout. I'm inclined to just get some better hosting and do everything myself, as that'd be nice and easy, and I could migrate the whole site pretty quickly, but I notice a lot of people are using wordpress.com for hosting. My main concern for wordpress.com is that I don't know how easy it'd be to migrate the site over, and I think you have to pay extra in order to stay ad free, which I really, really want to do. So, fellow bloggers, what are people doing? Who's good?

Also, I'm inclined to get a more sensible/memorable domain name while I'm at it, but brsm.com, .co.uk, .net, .org etc. are all taken. I can either get something silly like brsm.xxx, brsm.mobi or brsm.asia, or get something slightly different like brsmblog.com. That's pretty memorable, right?

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