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And Now For Something Completely Different 7: XKCD-style Venn Diagrams

Update 03/04/2013: Chemjobber made a few!


Thanks to a recent xkcd comic I've just discovered a wonderfully concise new way to communicate – non-overlapping Venn Diagrams:

 From http://xkcd.com/1180/

For example, here's a statement my boss made last week expounded thus:


I quite enjoy the contradiction between the visual simplicity of displaying information in this way and the fact that it's actually a lot more effort to construct these than write a sentence that conveys the same information, as well as their highly inefficient use of space. There's  just something kind of amusing about them. Or I think so, anyway.


Give it a go, and share any good (chemistry related) ones you can think of in the comments. I've just put one in a talk I'm writing on acyclic stereocontrol for a group meeting; I'll let you know how that goes down next week!

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  1. The box must be present, else the set is not defined.

  2. These are Euler diagrams, not Venn diagrams! According to some nerd.

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