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And Now For Something Completely Different 6: Green Chemistry

Most of the credit for this one goes to occasional commenter Martyn!

Is it just me, or will green chemistry journals publish anything these days? For example, check out this paper published this morning in the Journal of Sustainable Agitation:


Unpowered Mechanical Stirring of Reaction Media Using Renewable Stirring Fish (RSFs). [PDF]


I couldn't make this stuff up!



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  1. University of Atlantis……They got lots of RSFs resources, We mortals cann’t compete with them in this area……

  2. Seems fishy to me.

  3. J. Sus. Ag. used to be pretty promising. But most chemists seem to just still use electrical stirrers. Conservative lot I suppose.

  4. Well it would prove the green credentials of your reaction…

  5. I thought it was interesting that the rate of stirring increases 1 hour before addition of a slice of pizza. Have the authors discovered fish that not only stir reactions but also tell the future? This could be an excellent selling point – if you could just find a way of asking the fish if the reaction is going to work or not!

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