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I’m Unemployed And It’s Awesome

I don't like to apologise too much for things I do (or more often don't do) on here, because, well... it's not like you pay me anything. That said, I am sorry things have been so quiet around here for the last couple of months. It's been a hectic end to my postdoc, but I'm able to kick back for a couple of weeks at least before I head over to the USA. I'll try and write a few posts before then. And after. In the meantime, here's a talk I wrote for a group meeting at the start of the month on the topic of Felkin Ahn selectivity. We've been revising 'basic' topics, and I was amazed how much I've forgotten  Maybe this'll be useful to someone.


Yes, I did steal that image from Dave Evans' notes...

Here it is: Substrate Control in Acyclic Systems BRSM (2 mb)

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